NYC Mid-Summer Tune-Up: 5 Beauty Treatments in Manhattan to Help You Be the Perfect 10

A little beauty and pampering can go a long way, especially if you are an over-worked, over-stressed New York resident dashing through Manhattan's streets on a daily basis. That's why we have created the easiest 5 step guide to help tune up your beauty routine this summer: waxing, body scrubs, facials, and anti-cellulite treatments that will make you feel "wow"!
The weather has been 90° or higher every day, the hum of air conditioners have been filling the streets of NYC, the hems have gotten shorter, and skin all over our beautiful city has been browning. This can only mean one thing, summer is in full swing here in New York City.
With summer coming to its peak in Manhattan and the Fourth of July around the corner, chances are your skin has taken a beating and after a few summer BBQ's your diet may have too. In lieu of the upcoming holiday, I have a few mid-summer treatments that will help you get through another big barbeque weekend at on e of NYC’s best salons!
1) Dead Sea Salt Glow. Get rid of the dry, dead, baked skin the summer has deposited with the Dead Sea Salt Glow, rich with minerals, is famous for its therapeutic qualities. This popular treatment will slough away dry, dead, flaky skin and leave your entire body glowing and refreshed. The salt naturally exfoliates without irritating your skin. When combined with our unique aromatherapy feature, you will feel energized from head to toe.
2) Chocolate Peel Facial. Resuscitate neglected and sun soaked skin with our Chocolate Peel Facial, this antioxidant-rich natural ingredients is packed with polyphenols and are combined in a unique formula to deliver superior refining, anti-aging of the epidermis and skin restorative benefits. This unique formulation influences collagen and glycosaminogycan production, improving skin elasticity and tone. This indulgent peel enhances the results of any skin care program for mature complexions with history of sun exposure and cigarette smoking. Boosting the skin's ability to heal and repair itself and controlling the effects of aging will promote vital skin cell rejuvenation for delectably softer and younger-looking skin.
3) Mango-Green Tea Extract Spa Manicure and Pedicure. Give your hands and feet a break from the yard work, house work, and the daily trek to and from work. The Mango-Green Tea Extracts gives your feet the chance to experience Mango’s softening and radiant effect while the Green Tea Extracts will help strengthen your skin against harmful UV rays and delay the signs of aging.
4) Cirepil Blue Hard Waxes. You can’t come to Dyanna and not get a wax. Dyanna Spa is known for its painless, safe and quick waxing hair removal services and expert esthecians. We have won “Best Spa for Overall Waxing in NYC”,”Best Spa for Bikini Wax in NYC”, and “Best Spa for Brazilian Wax in NYC” by Citysearch. The newest member to our waxing team is Cirepil Blue Hard Wax. Cirepil Blue Hard Wax is a wax that doesn’t require a strip for removal. When the wax hardens it is simply, quickly, and less painfully removed from the skin by hand. This wax is perfect for people with sensitive skin who are prone to irritation and ingrown hairs that other waxes leave behind. According to, “The beauty of Cirepil’s hard waxes is that the wax attaches itself to the hair (’shrink-wraps’ it) and not the skin.” Also, Cirepil has managed to lower the temperature in which the waxes are applied (20-30 degrees below most waxes) which makes your experience more comfortable especially in the 90° outside!
5) Anti-Cellulite Treatment. If Memorial Day Weekend ruined your perfectly balanced summer diet and toned body, don’t worry. Just come into Dyanna for our Anti-Cellulite Treatment and drop up to 3 pounds in an hour! This treatment involves a special massage for 30 minutes that improves circulation and helps blood flow to move in a way that eliminates the fluids between the fat tissues, this getting rid of the root cause of cellulite. After this massage, the technician wraps the body in a special heat wrap for 30 minutes which forces the body to sweat and eliminate these excess fluids from between the fat tissues.
For one of the most luxurious treatments available in New York City and for the bragging rights of saying you had a king or queen’s pampering, come into Dyanna Body & Nail Salon to schedule an appointment or consult with one of our expert estheticians about which treatments would be right for you, and to check out our affordable pricing please go to:
Dyanna Body & Nail Salon has been voted Best Spa of NYC and Best of NYC. We are located in the heart of Manhattan in the Gramercy Park/ Flatiron area and are easily reachable by train, bus, taxi, or car:

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