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Spa Services Price List

Aloe Azulene Waxing

For Women

1Full Leg Waxing F$60
2Full Leg with Regular Bikini Waxing F$70
3Full Leg with Brazilian Bikini Waxing F$80
4Upper Leg Waxing F$45
5Toe Hair Waxing F$15
6Upper Leg with Regular Bikini Waxing F$65
7Upper Leg with Brazilian Bikini Waxing F$70
8Lower Leg Waxing (with knee) F$40
9Lower Leg with Regular Bikini Waxing F$65
10Lower Leg with Brazilian Bikini F$70
11Regular Bikini Waxing F$40
12Brazilian Bikini Waxing F$50
13Buttock Waxing F$25
14Rear Back Waxing F$20
15Full Chest Hair Waxing (including Nipples) F$45
16Nipple Waxing F$25
17Full Stomach Waxing F$45
18Lower Stomach Waxing F$25
19Full Back Waxing F$60
20Lower Back Waxing F$25
21Full Arm Waxing F$40
223/4 Arm Waxing F$35
23Half Arm Waxing F$30
24Under Arm Waxing F$20
25Eyebrow Waxing F$25
26Nose Waxing F$20
27Facial Cheek Waxing F$20
28Upper Lip Waxing F$15
29Chin Waxing F$20
30Ear Hair Waxing F$20

For Men

51Full Leg Waxing M$80
52Regular Bikini Waxing M$60
53Brazilian Bikini Waxing M$70
54Rear Waxing M$30
55Buttock Waxing M$30
56Back Waxing with Shoulders M$85
57Back Waxing M$65
58Lower Back Waxing M$25
59Shoulders Waxing M$30
60Chest Waxing M$50
61Stomach Waxing M$45
62Lower Stomach Waxing M$25
63Full Arm Waxing M$60
64Half Arm Waxing M$50
65Underarm Waxing M$25
66Hand Waxing M$20
67Toe Waxing M$20
68Eyebrows Waxing M$25
69Nose Waxing M$20
70Upper Lip Waxing M$15
71Face Cheek Waxing M$20
72Chin Waxing M$20
73Ear Waxing M$20
74Neck Waxing M$25

Cirepil Blue Hard Waxing

For Women

31Regular Bikini Waxing F$55
32Brazilian Bikini Waxing F$65
33Rear Back Waxing F$35
34Buttock Waxing F$45
35Full Stomach Waxing F$85
36Lower Stomach Waxing F$45
37Full Back Waxing F$85
38Lower Back Waxing F$45
39Full Chest Waxing with Nipples F$85
40Nipples Waxing F$35
41Full Arm Waxing F$100
42Half Arm Waxing F$55
43Under Arm Waxing F$35
44Eyebrow Waxing F$35
45Facial Cheek Waxing F$30
46Nose Waxing F$35
47Upper Lip Waxing F$20
48Chin Waxing F$30
49Ears F$35
50Toe Hair Waxing F$30

For Men

75Regular Bikini Waxing M$75
76Brazilian Bikini Waxing M$90
77Buttock Waxing M$45
78Full Leg Waxing M$150
79Full Arm Waxing M$150
80Half Arm Waxing M$95
81Rear Back Waxing M$45
82Back Waxing M$150
83Shoulder Waxing M$85
84Chest Waxing M$90
85Stomach Waxing M$90
86Under Arm Waxing M$45
87Eyebrow Waxing M$35
88Nose Waxing M$35
89Upper Lip Waxing M$20
90Cheek Waxing M$35
91Chin Waxing M$25
92Ear Waxing M$35
93Neck Waxing M$40
94Toe Waxing M$35


107Electrolysis - 5 minutes FM$15
Electrolysis - 10 minutes FM$20
Electrolysis - 15 minutes FM$25
Electrolysis - 20 minutes FM$30
Electrolysis - 25 minutes FM$40
Electrolysis - 30 minutes FM$50
Electrolysis - 45 minutes FM$80
Electrolysis - 60 minutes FM$90


186European Facial - 60 minutes F$85
187Deep Pore Cleansing facial - 60 minutes F$100
188Aroma Therapy Facial - 60 minutes F$85
189Peeling Facial - 60 minutes F$90
190Acne Problem Skin Facial - 60 minutes F$120
191Back Treatment with exfoliation mask and moisturizer - 30 minutes F$60
Back Treatment with exfoliation mask and moisturizer - 60 minutes F$90
291Face Lifting Facial - 35 minutes F$60
292Therapeutic Face Massage and Therapeutic Facial - 50 minutes F$85
193Mini Facial - 30 minutes F$60
194Placenta Facial - 60 minutes F$100
195Diamond Microdermabrasion - 45 minutes F$100
196Neck and Decollete Firming Treatment - 50 minutes F$85
197The 24KT Gold Mask Facial - 60 minutes F$120
19824 kt Gold Facial with 24 kt Gold Foil - 60 minutes F$150
199Black Currant Facial - 30 minutes F$60
Black Currant Facial - 60 minutes F$100
201Collagen Eye treatment - 15 minutes F$25
202Neck Firming treatment - 15 minutes F$25
203Vita Cura Firming Facial by Repechage - 60 minutes F$100
204Hydra 4 Sensitive skin Facial by Repechage - 60 minutes F$90
205Hydra Medic Acne Facial by Repechage - 15 minutes F$120
206Opti Firm Eye Contour Treatment By Repechage - 15 minutes F$25
271Organic Dead Sea Salt Crystal Peel Facial Treatment - 30 minutes F$60
Organic Dead Sea Salt Crystal Peel Facial Treatment - with extractions 30 minutes F$100
272Organic Alp Rose Steam Cells 40% Glycolic Peel - 30 minutes F$65
273Green Tea Super Antioxidant Rejuvenation Facial Treatment - 60 minutes F$100
305All Natural Awakening Facial using Organic Cannabis Products - 75 minutes FM$175
All Natural Awakening Facial using Organic Cannabis Products - 90 minutes FM$225
306HydraFacial - Basic duration: 30 mins FM$150
HydraFacial - Complete duration:60 mins FM$200
400Anti – Aging VIP Facial 3 in 1 - 60 minutes F$185
307Hydradermabrasion - 40 mins FM$105
260Black Currant Facial for Men - 30 minutes M$60
Black Currant Facial for Men - 60 minutes M$100
261Deep Pore Cleansing Facial for Men - 60 minutes M$100
262Aromatherapy Facial for Men - 60 minutes M$90
263Acne Problem Skin Facial for Men - 60 minutes M$120
264European Facial for Men - 60 minutes M$100
265Neck & Decollete Firming Treatment - 50 minutes M$80
266Mini Facial for Men - 30 minutes M$60
267Glycolic Peel Facial - 40 minutes M$75


101Eyebrow Threading FM$18
102Chin Threading FM$12
103Cheek Threading FM$15
104Upper Lip Threading FM$8
105Nose threading FM$15
106Whole Face Threading FM$50

Eyebrow And Eyelash Tinting

182Eyelash Tinting FM$30
183Eyebrow Tinting FM$24
184Eyebrow/Eyelash Combo Tinting FM$50

Ear Candling

185Ear Candling FM$55

Anti Aging Treatments

301Microcurrant Facial - 1 session (75 minutes) F$180
Microcurrant Facial - Package of 6 ($130 each) F$780
308Microneedling - 30 minutes FM$150
207Four Layer Treatment - 45 minutes FM$110
209Seaweed Treatment with seaweed mask - 45 minutes FM$75
Seaweed Treatment with seaweed mask - 60 minutes FM$90
211Anti-aging Treatment with C Serum - 45 minutes FM$75
Anti-aging Treatment with C Serum - 60 minutes FM$90
213Caviar B-toxin-nano crystal treatment - 45 minutes FM$75
214Collagen-O2 by Shira treatment - 45 minutes FM$75
215Placenta-recovery essence treatment - 45 minutes FM$75
216Ultra Elastic Collagen protein treatment - 45 minutes FM$75
217Red Wine, Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant treatment - 45 minutes FM$75
218Glycolic - 40 minutes FM$75
219Ultra Silk Treatment with Collagen Mask - 45 minutes FM$75
Ultra Silk Treatment with Collagen Mask - 60 minutes FM$90
221Hydra Dew Express Lift with Dill Vitamin Vegetable Mask - 30 minutes FM$50
Hydra Dew Express Lift with Dill Vitamin Vegetable Mask - 60 minutes FM$75


228Deep Tissue Massage - 30 minutes FM$60
Deep Tissue Massage - 60 minutes FM$100
Deep Tissue Massage - 90 minutes FM$150
231Swedish Massage - 30 minutes FM$50
Swedish Massage - 60 minutes FM$90
Swedish Massage - 90 minutes FM$145
234Fusion massage - 30 minutes FM$60
Fusion massage - 60 minutes FM$100
Fusion massage - 90 minutes FM$150
237Reflexology - 10 minutes FM$25
Reflexology - 15 minutes FM$30
Reflexology - 30 minutes FM$60
240Hot Stone Massage - 30 minutes FM$60
Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes FM$100
242Aroma therapy massage - 30 minutes FM$55
Aroma therapy massage - 60 minutes FM$90
244Lymph Drainage - 30 minutes FM$65
Lymph Drainage - 60 minutes FM$105
293Couples Massage - 60 minutes FM$195
Couples Massage - 90 minutes FM$320
414CBD Oil Massage - 60 minutes FM$130
CBD Oil Massage - 90 minutes FM$180

Body Treatments

223Pomegranate Red-Apple Full Body Scrub - 45 minutes FM$80
224Sea Spa Glow Full Body Scrub - 30 minutes FM$55
225Dead Sea Salt Glow Full Body Scrub - 60 minutes FM$90
226Seaweed Body Wrap Full Body Scrub - 60 minutes FM$90
227Anti Cellulite Treatment - 60 minutes FM$110
320Organic hot oil Orange zest Body scrub - 30 minutes FM$55
Organic hot oil Orange zest Body scrub - 45 minutes FM$80
Organic hot oil Orange zest Body scrub - 60 minutes FM$90
248Ingrown Hair Removal Treatment - 30 minutes FM$55
290Butt «Facial» Treatment - 30 minutes M$65
Butt «Facial» Treatment - 45 minutes M$90

Nail Salon Manicures

300Fiber-Glass extensions - Full set F$100
Fiber-Glass extensions - Fill In F$55
114European Lactol (special hot cream) F$20
280Zoya Naked Manicure - 30 minutes F$25
115French Manicure F$25
116Glue Manicure F$25
117Buff Manicure F$25
118Paraffin Treatment F$25
119Change of Polish F$15
120Brazilian Style Manicure F$25
121Spa manicure F$35
122Spa manicure with 10 min. reflexology F$40
123Peppermint Sea Twist Manicure F$35
124Sweet Green Tea and Silver Birch Spa Manicure F$35
125Black Currant Spa Manicure F$35
126Olive Oil Manicure F$35
127Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap Treatment F$40
128Purissima Therapeutic Organic Spa Manicure F$45
129Silk wrap - 1 finger F$5
Silk wrap - 2 fingers F$10
Silk wrap - 3 fingers F$15
Silk wrap - 4 fingers F$20
Silk wrap - 5 fingers F$25
Silk wrap - 6 fingers F$30
Silk wrap - 7 fingers F$35
Silk wrap - 8 fingers F$40
Silk wrap - 9 fingers F$45
Silk wrap - 10 fingers F$50
130Silk patch - 1 finger F$3
Silk patch - 2 fingers F$6
Silk patch - 3 fingers F$9
Silk patch - 4 fingers F$12
Silk patch - 5 fingers F$15
Silk patch - 6 fingers F$18
Silk patch - 7 fingers F$21
Silk patch - 8 fingers F$24
Silk patch - 9 fingers F$27
Silk patch - 10 fingers F$30
131Shellac Gel Manicure F$35
132Shellac Gel French F$45
133Shellac Gel soak off F$10
134OPI Manicure F$40
136OPI Gel Manicure Removal F$10
351Organic Orange Zest Manicure F$35
Organic Orange Zest Manicure - with 10 minute massage F$40
166Regular Manicure / European Lactol Manicure for Men M$20
167Buff Manicure for Men M$25
168Spa Manicure for Men M$30
169Spa Manicure with 10 Min of Reflexology Men M$35
170Brazilian Keratin Manicure for Men M$25
171Black Currant Manicure for Men M$35
172Olive Oil Manicure M$30
173Hand Paraffin Treatment M$20
295Candy Cube Manicure FM$35
352Organic Orange Zest Pedicure F$45
Organic Orange Zest Pedicure - with 10 minute massage F$50
297Candy Cube Combo (manicure plus pedicure) FM$80

Nail Salon Pedicures

141Regular Pedicure F$35
142French Pedicure F$40
143Brazilian Style Pedicure - 45 minutes F$35
144Foot Paraffin Treatment F$25
145Change of Polish F$20
146Spa Pedicure - 45 minutes F$75
415Deluxe Pedicure - 45 minutes F$45
147Spa Pedicure with 10 min. reflexology F$50
148Black Currant Spa Pedicure - 45 minutes F$50
149Purissima Therapeutic Organic Spa Pedicure F$65
150Jelly Pedicure - 40 minutes F$40
151Peppermint Sea Twist Pedicure - 45 minutes F$50
152Sweet Green Tea and Silver Birch Spa Pedicure - 45 minutes F$50
153Olive Oil Pedicure F$50
154Deep Dermal Transforming Pedicure Wrap Treatment - 45 minutes F$50
155Shellac Gel Pedicure F$45
156Shellac Gel French Pedicure F$55
157Shellac Gel Soak-Off Pedicure F$10
158OPI Pedicure F$50
159OPI French Pedicure F$60
160OPI Gel Pedicure removal F$10
174Regular Pedicure for Men M$35
175Buff Pedicure for Men M$38
176Olive Oil Pedicure M$50
177Spa Pedicure for Men M$45
178Jelly Pedicure for Men M$40
179Brazilian Pedicure for Men M$35
180Foot Paraffin Treatment for Men M$20
181Spa Pedicure with 10 min of Reflexology M$50
296Candy Cube Pedicure (with 15 minutes reflexology) FM$55


298Microblading - 1 session with 1 touch up F$450
Microblading - 1 session with no touch up F$350


401Women haircut F$95-150
402Men’s cut M$85-150
403Makeover (women cut) F$150-200
404Makeover(meme cut) FM$125-185
405Blow dry (women) F$45-65 (extension-$85-100)
406Single process (roots only) FM$95-125 (whole head $125-185)
407Hair exfoliating scrub FM$35
408Hair deep conditioning mask FM$35
409Highlights (partial/frontal) FM$130-160
410Highlights (half head) FM$220-250
411Highlights (full head) FM$290-350
412Balayage (frontal) FM$180-220 ( full head $350-500)
412Keratin treatment FM$250-350
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