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Nail Salon Services

Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, N.Y. offers the most extensive nail salon services for men and women in the city

Manicures for Women

Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY is one of the city’s finest women’s nail salons. Our goal is to provide professional and esthetic manicures for our many clients. We offer an extensive array of nail services while attending to the condition of your hands, using hydrating moisturizers that rejuvenate and protect. You’ll love our choices of natural and colorful high-quality nail polish.
300Fiber-Glass extensions - Full set F$85
Fiber-Glass extensions - Fill In F$45
114European Lactol (special hot cream) F$15
280Zoya Naked Manicure - 30 minutes F$18
115French Manicure F$18
116Glue Manicure F$20
117Buff Manicure F$18
118Paraffin Treatment F$10
119Change of Polish F$10
120Brazilian Style Manicure F$18
121Spa manicure F$25
122Spa manicure with 10 min. reflexology F$30
123Peppermint Sea Twist Manicure F$25
124Sweet Green Tea and Silver Birch Spa Manicure F$20
125Black Currant Spa Manicure F$25
126Olive Oil Manicure F$30
127Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap Treatment F$35
128Purissima Therapeutic Organic Spa Manicure F$40
129Silk wrap - 1 finger F$5
Silk wrap - 2 fingers F$10
Silk wrap - 3 fingers F$15
Silk wrap - 4 fingers F$20
Silk wrap - 5 fingers F$25
Silk wrap - 6 fingers F$30
Silk wrap - 7 fingers F$35
Silk wrap - 8 fingers F$40
Silk wrap - 9 fingers F$45
Silk wrap - 10 fingers F$50
130Silk patch - 1 finger F$3
Silk patch - 2 fingers F$6
Silk patch - 3 fingers F$9
Silk patch - 4 fingers F$12
Silk patch - 5 fingers F$15
Silk patch - 6 fingers F$18
Silk patch - 7 fingers F$21
Silk patch - 8 fingers F$24
Silk patch - 9 fingers F$27
Silk patch - 10 fingers F$30
131Shellac Gel Manicure F$30
132Shellac Gel French F$40
133Shellac Gel soak off F$10
134OPI Manicure F$35
135OPI French Manicure F$45
136OPI Gel Manicure Removal F$10
294Revel Nail Dip Powder - Regular Powder Manicure F$40
Revel Nail Dip Powder - French Powder Manicure F$50
351Organic Orange Zest Manicure F$30
Organic Orange Zest Manicure - with 10 minute massage F$35
294Revel Nail Dip Powder - Regular Powder Manicure F$40
Revel Nail Dip Powder - French Powder Manicure F$50
352Organic Orange Zest Pedicure F$40
Organic Orange Zest Pedicure - with 10 minute massage F$45

Pedicures for Women

At Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY, we provide a number of different pedicure treatments. Our feet take a beating just about every day. Our pedicure services provide the perfect remedy for dry, callused and tired feet. Our pedicurists treat the entire foot, to help keep your feet happy and healthy. Our top-of-the-line nail polishes offer a lovely finishing touch.
141Regular Pedicure F$26
142French Pedicure F$29
143Brazilian Style Pedicure - 45 minutes F$30
144Foot Paraffin Treatment F$15
145Change of Polish F$15
146Spa Pedicure - 45 minutes F$35
147Spa Pedicure with 10 min. reflexology F$40
148Black Currant Spa Pedicure - 45 minutes F$40
149Purissima Therapeutic Organic Spa Pedicure F$60
150Jelly Pedicure - 40 minutes F$35
151Peppermint Sea Twist Pedicure - 45 minutes F$40
152Sweet Green Tea and Silver Birch Spa Pedicure - 45 minutes F$45
153Olive Oil Pedicure F$45
154Deep Dermal Transforming Pedicure Wrap Treatment - 45 minutes F$45
155Shellac Gel Pedicure F$40
156Shellac Gel French Pedicure F$50
157Shellac Gel Soak-Off Pedicure F$10
158OPI Pedicure F$45
159OPI French Pedicure F$50
160OPI Gel Pedicure removal F$10
161UV Gel Full Set Basic F$65
162UV Gel Fill IN Basic F$45
163UV Gel Permanent French Full Set F$85
164UV Gel Permanent French Full Set with Extentions F$100
165UV Gel Permanent French Fill In F$55

Manicures for Men

Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY counts among its clientele men who understand the importance of well-manicured hands. To make a good impression, it’s best if the nails aren’t dirty and/or ragged and the skin dry and rough. We offer specialized manicures for men, such as our Buff Manicure, which softens the skin and gives the nails a well-groomed and masculine look.
166Regular Manicure / European Lactol Manicure for Men M$15
167Buff Manicure for Men M$18
168Spa Manicure for Men M$25
169Spa Manicure with 10 Min of Reflexology Men M$30
170Brazilian Keratin Manicure for Men M$18
171Black Currant Manicure for Men M$35
172Olive Oil Manicure M$25
173Hand Paraffin Treatment M$10

Pedicures for Men

Pedicures for men are just as important as they are for women. Our feet take us everywhere and they sometimes have to pay a price for all their work. Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY has the perfect male pedicures, from our hydrating Olive Oil Pedicure to our Foot Paraffin Treatment.
174Regular Pedicure for Men M$26
175Buff Pedicure for Men M$29
176Olive Oil Pedicure M$45
177Spa Pedicure for Men M$35
178Jelly Pedicure for Men M$35
179Brazilian Pedicure for Men M$30
180Foot Paraffin Treatment for Men M$15
181Spa Pedicure with 10 min of Reflexology M$40
From our basic Regular Manicure and Pedicure, to our luxurious Black Currant Spa Manicure or Pedicure, you’ll find our affordable mani/pedis hard to beat.
Restorative care for hands and nails should be a priority in today’s busy world. We use (and abuse) our hands and nails in so many ways, whether it be from one’s occupation or hobby.
Using only the finest products available in the market today, our manicurists will rejuvenate your hands, cuticles, and nail beds, recreating soft and smooth skin, and professionally finished nails.
Make an appointment now for your manicure or pedicure at one of Dyanna Spa’s two convenient locations: downtown Manhattan, in the Gramercy Park and Flatiron District, and east midtown Manhattan, in the Murray Hill District.
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